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Red Magdalene Rose & Lapis Lazuli

prepared in 1/2 filtered water and 1/2 Oregon pear brandy (80 proof)


Flower Essences work to increase your frequency through adding in the elevated frequency of the flowers and plants within the essence.


Created with deep intention and respect for the plants, steeped in the love from Mother Earth at the roots from where the flower blooms from the dirt. Flower Essences work with the vibration of the flower and plant to raise your vibration through the ingestion of water. Like Emoto Emoschi’s research, water is able to transmit frequency. 


Flower essences work on our subtle bodies with their high frequencies. They also increase their power through the homeopathic process, where less becomes more. These essences truly will make a difference in your confidence and work on you immediately. You can also “call on” your essences to work on you even if you do not physically have the bottle. 


Taking Flower Essences:


Place a dropper full under your tongue. Wait 2 minutes to feel the results. Can re-dose, up to three droppers over a 5 minute period. In acute situations, you can take the remedy every hour until calm again.



  • Red Magdalene Rose, Lapis Lazuli, Water, Brandy  


    Red rose: I am the open, flowing heart of creation.. I am shield you from negative thoughts. I open up your Divine channel.


    Mary Magdalene: I am the Divine Feminine Christed Heart. I am sensual, independent, connected and healed.


    Lapis Lazuli: I am aligning your chakras to know and speak your truth. I am amplifying divine messages.


    GOOD FOR: Good for: quieting the mind, relaxing the ego and hearing the wisdom inherent in every situation, opening up chakras and receiving wisdom from unlikely or surprising ways. For times of uncertainty, self-doubt, and needing to unplug from outside noise, including other’s strong opinions, well-meaning and otherwise.


    Size: 15ml bottle

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