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Ginko for Crown chakra

Usnea for Third eye chakra

Yellow Dock for Throat chakra

Frankincense Essential Oil

Bergemont Essential Oil 


This small but mightly, high-frequency olive oil balm is formulated to connect you to your own unfiltered highest truth, your highest wisdom available for you at the moment that you are meditating or downloading sacred information. Good for opening up all channels to receive information from your Higher Self, the Akasha, spiritual guides and angels. Calms the ego-mind and opens up your inner vision, inner healing and inner cognition.  


3 Connections: Your truth, Your divine, Your human mission, so that everything is synergized and working at ultimate levels for your perfect experience in this Now Moment.


“I AM Here Now” is a checking-in phrase we use in the Priestess of the Goddess world to signal that we are present, grounded and ready to participate fully in our sacred circle. It can accompany a moving mudra where we hold our left hand at our base chakra and sweep our right hand and arm over our head counterclockwise in a circle. This sweeping motion of the right hand and arm is “gathering” all of our energy from our auric field into the center of our being: our heart. Then you bring the right hand down the midline of the body, indicating that you are pulling down our higher self into your physical body. You bring our left hand up to receive the energy of your right hand in front of your heart and say, “I AM Here Now.” You only say this when you have done as many circles around your body as ou need to and sit in stillness to see if you can collect and still your mind to focus completely in emptiness, being available to Mother within the sacred circle that you are co-creating with your sisters and brothers. Aho. Blessed Be.



Usnea Meditation-Oracle Essential Oil Balm: I AM HERE NOW

  • Yellow Dock: My actions and thoughts are pure; I live in my truth, increases functioning of and releases emotions from liver and gallbladder, Sacral and Womb Chakras.


    Usnea: I can trust my higher consciousness. Stimulates immune system, powerful healer of wounds/intrusions including fungus & yeast. Is a network of cellulose, like a spiderweb of plant matter reaching and connecting plants, similar to the mycelium network underground. Increases your spiritual gifts for taking in information from different sources: both inside your own body-spirit system and from the external subtle and material realms. Third eye chakra.


    Ginkgo Biloba: I stay true to my life’s work. Brain tonic, the most ancient of all tree species, 250 million years old, called “the living fossil,” first recorded use around 2,8000 BC, first green growth to grow back after Hiroshima, this tree is miraculous and a thriver-survivor! Works synergistically to improve cognitive functioning, blood flow, respiratory capacity. Crown chakra.


    SIZE: 15 ml glass jar

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